Waiting for the Extinction :-(

Photo of mountains in northern Norway
Øksfjordjøkelen, Norway

Waiting for the Extinction 🙁 is the second release by the Band of Weeds, published 2019. It is dealing with global warming through two arctic plants. A climate change and other human activities might cause a large scale extinction on the planet. The film presents two species, which are growing in Finland and are endangered due the global warming: Siberian primrose (Primula nutans) and glacier buttercup (Ranunculus glacialis).

The Siberian primrose is a species covered by EU directive and is endangered and fully protected in Finland and Sweden. Many of its habitats have disappeared due to eutrophication of the water, the end of coastal grazing and the spread of strong competitors.

The glacier buttercup is the world’s northernmost flowering vascular plant. If mountain and Arctic glaciers melt, the glacier buttercup will no longer be able to retreat to higher or more northerly habitats. This is particularly obvious for species living in the mountains and fells. Suitable habitats for them will simply disappear.

The Band of Weeds uses microvolt sensors to record changes in the magnetic fields of plants and then produces musical works from the collected biodata. All of the sounds on the film were produced from biodata recorded from the Siberian primrose and glacier buttercup) in the plants’ natural habitat in Norway at Trollholmsund, Mugnetinden and the Øksfjordjøkelen glacier.

Waiting for the Extinction 🙁 EP, 2019
Assisted Migration

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