Transflormation shows plants that were first humans in Ovid’s book Metamorphoses, but then turned into plants; sunflower, heliotropium, hyacinth, bay tree, crocus, linden, daffodil, stone pine, poplar, cypress, reed, vine, menth, myrrh.

Transflormation. 2020, mixed media, 80 x 110 cm.

Transformation myths can be found in all cultures, but the best known to Europeans are the Greco-Roman metamorphosis stories, especially the stories in the Metamorphoses by Ovid. These stories tell of the common genetic roots of man and plants and how they are both made of the same substance – external differences in form are apparent. In the drawing, the ex-people who transformed (or were transformed) into plants have gotten enough of the treatment of those who has remained as human beings, and decided to break out of the greenhouses back into nature.