Sodom is Revived

In the drawing Sodom Is Revived, God revives Sodom by letting his seed rain on the city.

Sodom Is Revived, 2023, ink on paper 110 x 75 cm.

In my version of Sodom, some of the people of Sodom were traveling at the time of destruction. They did not dare to return to the city, but fled to the mountains like Lot. There they turned to God, who heard their distress and repented of the destruction of Sodom. He also remembered his promise to Abraham to spare the city if even ten righteous people were found there. They were now found among those who fled to the mountains.

Throughout the ages, male deities have resorted to masturbation when creating something new. This was already done by Atum of the Egyptians, who, according to one version, first masturbated and ejaculated in his own mouth and then squirted out the mixture of sperm and saliva from which all living things were born. So the God of this story revives Sodom by letting his seed rain on the ruins of the city.