Saints Perpetua and Felicitas

The saints Perpetua and Felicitas were 2nd century North African Christian women. Perpetua was a 22-year-old noblewoman and a nursing mother. Felicitas was her servant. Perpetua kept a journal, where she tells about their imprisonment. They were arrested, because they refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods. Felicitas gave birth to a daughter while they were in prison. She rejoiced because now she would be permitted to die with Perpetua. There was a law forbidding the execution of pregnant women. The women comforted each other in jail and giving each other the kiss of peace as they met their end in the amphitheatre at Carthage. They’re exposed to a wild cow before being beheaded.

Icons of Saints Perpetual and Felicitas
Saints Perpetua and Felicitas 8th century, Constantinople