Water Lily (Nymphea alba)

The drawing represents a water lily (Nymphea alba) camouflaged from a human eye as Fritillaria delavayi has done.

Nymphea alba, 2021, mixed media, 32 x 24 cm

Scientists have found in China a species of fritillary (Fritillaria delavayi) that has been collected so much as a medicinal plant that it has evolved to hide from humans. The colour of that species has changed so that it blends better with its background. In the future, human influence on evolution is likely to only increase, not to mention the potential of genetic engineering.

The plants in the drawing series have developed a protective colour for themselves that suits their habitat; desert, rock, forest and lakes. Whether they are trying to hide from humans or maybe they are equipped to defend their own growth areas. In any case, the amount of untouched nature is rapidly declining, and plants are also doing their best to adapt to human expansion.