Not-Wanted I

Not-Wanted I shows a composite image of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film entitles Accattone in which the protagonist has a dream that all his friends are dead.

Not Wanted I. 2013, ink on paper 130 x 173 cm.

The drawing is based on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s dream sequence in his Accattone film. The protagonist dreams about his own funeral. On his way to the graveyard, he sees all his friends lying dead in front of the old wall. The camera shows close ups from their faces, but doesn’t show the general view, which is reconstructed in the drawing. As a man of letters, Pasolini must know, that traditional death penalty by Sharia law for the same sex acts is to fall a wall over those, who were involved in that kind of activity. The friends of the protagonist are unwanted, like four invasive alien plants growing in among the dead bodies.