Map of Sodom

Map of Sodom represents the city of Sodom as described in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s script Porno-Teo-Colossal.

Map of Sodom. 2015, mixed media, 200 x 390 cm.

The drawing is based on Pasolini’s screenwriting for his film titled Porno-Teo-Kolossal, which he never made. Porno-Teo-Kolossal contains three utopian city descriptions, and one of them – Sodom – is one kind of gay utopia. According to him, fascism had not vanished anywhere after the world wars, but was hidden in the values of the bourgeois nuclear family ideology, and the best attack against fascism, is to question heterosexual practice, which worked best by combining religious issues and homosexuality. Pasolini located his Sodom in Rome of the 50’s. It is an independent gay city-state, which has its own liberal laws. Additionally, the Quran’s and the Bible’s versions of the events was added to the drawing.