The Bug Rug is made by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger. It is an outdoor sculpture that also functions as an insect hotel.

Bug Rug. 2023, environmental artwork, mixed media, 220 x 138 x 29 cm.

The Bug Rug is located in village of Västerretais in Korpo island, Turku archipelago (FI), and it is part of the Barefoot Path, which is an artist run environmental art exhibition focused on environmental and site-specific artworks. The work is placed on a rock at the edge of the field, from where it can be seen on the road passing by.

The model of the Bug Rug is the rya rug of Bitte Henriksson from Korpo. The wooden frame was made by Mikko Kostiainen, a carpenter from Korpo, who used local recycled wood to make it. The gaps in the wooden frame are filled with reeds, branches and pine cones collected from Korpo island. Old, local clay roof tiles have also been used for the Gustavian-style vertical stripes.

Bug Rug combines recycling, nature conservation and local craftsmanship. Its creators hope that the work made of untreated recycled wood will also be approved by the island’s insects. Time will tell what kind of residents will settle there. Decline in insect population is a serious problem, which is exacerbated by global warming. Without the pollination services provided by insects, other plant and animal species are also in trouble, including humans.

Bug Rug. 2023, environmental artwork, mixed media, 220 x 138 x 29 cm.
Bitte Henriksson’s rya rug was a model for the Bug Rug.