Daikel Lindfors-Labato performs at the Gallery Halmetoja

Daikel Lindfors-Labato is an awarded Cuban poet based in Finland. He presents his new series of poems titled “Rapsodia de una mente lejana”. The poems are based on Kalle Hamm’s works of art exhibited in the Gallery Halmetoja, Helsinki. The show will be available later on the gallery’s YouTube channel.

Daikel Lindfors-Labato (1987) is a lawyer, poet and artistic producer. He was born in Guantanamo, in the beautiful city of Baracoa, Cuba. He left his post as a President of the Court in 2015 to realize his artistic needs, and moved to Havana, where he studied poetry and artistic production. He was the manager of the NEGRONS musical group and the producer of the experimental theatre Teatro Alba. He moved to Finland two and half years ago, and studying to be a chef now. 

He began writing poems at the age of twelve. His inspirations came from the nature and society. He was a member of the Association of Poets in the House of Culture of Baracoa from 2012–14.  He won the competition in poetry in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Holgin in 2013, and joined Tertulias, a literary gathering of poets, in Havana 2015. His poems have only been published on social media. At the Gallery Halmetoja, he will recite poems inspired by the Minor Civilization exhibition of Kalle Hamm.